Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Holiday Makers Overspend

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Top 10 Reasons holiday makers overspend Infographic

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

College : 2nd Sem, 2nd Week

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So far, I've been a mess :( ugh .. I never thought that schools and lectures would be done so fast . Our professors started to give out quizzes, assignments, reports, and other stuff since last week (and we just came back from a long vacation). I'm exhausted :( Maybe I've just been to relaxed and chill that I got used to it, and now, pressure's everywhere lol I gotta start getting my mind straight >.< And yes, I have another quiz tomorrow HAH!

We have a loooooot of books this semester :| Good thing my good senior friends lent me theirs for the semester :) Thank You Adam, Kikoi and Erika <3

3 out of 7 books . gotta buy the others
As for school events, orientations, activities and seminars, it used to be everyday (but depends on what day they want it to be held) at 4-5:30pm, but now they changed it to wednesdays 1-5PM. At first, I liked it cause at least we don't have to ask anymore what day activities will be held, and also we won't be wearing our uniform...... but today, I take it back . It's tiring . Tiring because we have to wait (if there are a lot of organizations that are holding activities on that day) for HOURS just to attend the activity. My house is pretty far from school, and I can't just go home anytime I want and go back to school without being late. Kinda annoying. There were only 10 students from our section who attended the orientation today unlike before.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday: Wreck-it Ralph and New IN

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Well hello dear saturday ! :) First saturday since 2nd semester started. Time to relax for a bit after all those craziness school offered when we got back lol

Anyway, so, we went to the mall to see Wreck-It Ralph. I'm sorry, but I've never heard of the game before, but my boyfriend wanted to see it, so yeah, we ended up watching it.

Vanellope, the girl on the photo who looks like Agnes of Despicable Me, is sooo adorable <3 I don't really have much to say about the movie. It was okay. According to the reviews on IMDB and GetGlue, the movie's good :)

Oh and btw, Ralph kinda looks like Stefan Salvatore of The Vampire Diaries :3

Today, I finally got to use the Gift Card I won last summer from Pickled&Pepper through Cheyser's (thewalkingrecessionista) blog. I'm such a picky person when it comes to buying stuff that's why it took several months for me to finally use it :) Been looking for the "IT" factor, and this one just caught my attention.

Get Set for Faliraki 2013

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Nowhere in the world does nightlife quite like Faliraki. Whichever Club 18-30 holiday destinations you’ve dabbled with in the past, this Rhodes escape will simply blow them out of the water. 

While Ibiza is definitely a top clubbing spot, brimming with infamous events and a varied music scene, Faliraki 2013 can offer something that no other party place can – totally unapologetic clubbing carnage.

Club 18-30 holiday itineraries are epic. Frankly, booking with a trusted clubbing company, you expect nothing but expert party sessions, and that’s what they deliver year in, year out. Why risk your hard earned cash (read: student loan) and book with anyone else?

Their phenomenal packages include access to the must-do dates on the Faliraki calendar, including foam and UK parties, silent arenas, old skool discos and plenty of messy, oh so messy, mayhem.

As well its scorching summer temps, Rhodes is such a beautiful island. Luckily, for you and your clubbing buddies, the east coast is sheltered from all the wind that hits the west coast. 

While this may seem a little academic and the least of your worries, consider bathing on Faliraki’s blue flag beach complete with those winds from the west. Good luck with that – how are your eyes faring?

In between castaway cruises, pool parties and watersports, be sure to head over to Faliraki’s WaterPark. 

‘Absolutely immense’ doesn’t even begin to describe it, prepare to ‘twist your mind’ on the Twister and the many other chutes and flumes. 

Think ‘twisted’ as in mangled due to high speed. Don’t go into the flume with the hope of coming out as some curious Wonderland creature. On that note, keep drinking and swimming well distanced.

Faliraki 2013 is calling you. Head over to the Club 18-30 holiday website now and book the trip of a lifetime for you and your mates.

Package Holidays to Everywhere

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Today's package holiday market is a competitive one that is constantly expanding, with tour operators adding new destinations and holiday resorts all the time. Whatever you fancy and wherever you want to go, you're almost certain to get it with a package holiday.

Let's say you're looking for something fit for a honeymoon. If beaches are your thing, you'll have no problem finding something that resembles paradise. You've got the Maldives for starters – a glorious cluster of islands cast out into the Indian Ocean that are impossibly beautiful. Surrounded by shallow turquoise waters and vibrant coral reefs, this is certainly the place for scuba diving or snorkelling. Many islands feature luxury water villas too, which are often positioned out to sea at the end of a long pier or walkway, and put a new twist on the idea of being 'off the beaten track'. Other gorgeous locations that could easily fall under the 'barefoot paradise' mantra include the coast of Thailand, Goa, Mauritius and of course the Caribbean.

You'll find a huge range of options if you search and book holidays online, and this is a great way to hunt for discounts. Many of the larger tour operators have quality websites which allow you to search by destination, and filter the results by price. Then you can whittle down the options and find the holidays that best suit your criteria, such as local resort, type of hotel, departure airport and of course price.

Take Direct Holidays for instance. You can search for cheap holiday deals at Direct Holidays and filter your search results by various factors including price, which helps you to get a feel for what's within your budget – and can help you to save a small fortune too.

So whatever you fancy, thanks to today's holiday market you can find package holidays – and bargain holidays – to virtually everywhere...